Brainstorming: Regarding YouTube

(Ankur Jain) #1

Occasionally I create screencasts videos for my readers consumption. I host them on YouTube for a couple of reasons

  1. It is robust
  2. It gives a strong viral effect.

The issue I face is that most of the times people access my site from office where YouTube is blocked.

Now I don’t want to lose out on the benefits of YT but still be able to give my readers an option to watch videos. One option I thought was to host a 2nd copy of video on my own server and below every Youtube video give a link to my self hosted video.

Just wanted to gather ideas, is there any better solution to the problem I am facing?

(App Shah) #2

Hi Ankur… yeah agree. Hosting your videos externally comes with challenges and price concerns but it is the best way to go if you want to ensure your site remains speedy and you don’t run into bandwidth issues.

Have you tried Vimeo as an alternative to YouTube?

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