Excellent forum

(marketingnetwork91) #1

I am sure the forums here at crunchify will grow a lot. Discourse is a fantastic thing.

But i request you to add the forums link to the top bar at crunchify so that it is clearly visible. Makes a huge difference. I received the email invite and i was myself checking the forum link in the top bar because that is where it generally is.

Hitesh bhasin

(App Shah) #2

Hi Hitesh - great point. Thanks for tips. Appreciate it. I’ll update menu today evening and will Forum link.

(App Shah) #3

Just an update. Added Forum into header section.

(marketingnetwork91) #4

I shared your forums on another one. But i could not remember the link as it is not forum. crunchify.com. its actually plural “Forums”

And when the people came to your site, they couldnt find the forum link in the top bar. So i think none of them joined. I still think you should keep forums in the top bar :slight_smile: Sorry for meddling. But i am sure your forum can grow a lot.

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