How to create a Blog post ribbon


(Simeon Udoh) #1

Hello everyone, I Always wanted to learn how to add the “Blog Post ribbon” I see on Crunchify posts already I’ll love to separate my post in containers like I use genesis framework and I’d appreciate a tutorial on it from boss app!

(App Shah) #2

Hi @Simeon4real - thanks for stopping by. Really appreciate early contributor to Crunchify forum :slight_smile: .

I hope you are talking about ribbon section as seen in below image.

If yes, try CSS tricks mentioned in this post:

Hope that works.

(Simeon Udoh) #3

Thanks how do I remove demo content? I was only able to get same demo as the tutorial. I’ll like to input my own widgets contents like popular posts, recent posts etc. Any help on that?

(Simeon Udoh) #4

By the way, I meant The Orange “Blog post” at the top left of each post container.

(App Shah) #5

Oh got it. I’ll publish an article on Crunchify soon may be today or tomorrow and will update you.

Have a great day ahead!

(Simeon Udoh) #6

Hello App, I’m still waiting for the blog post. Also I want to find a way to move my header to Primary navigation menu and then Remove the header section like it is on (all menu with header on same line)

(App Shah) #7

Hi Simeon. Sorry for delay. We are busy working on client site development project. Please stay tuned for an article within few days.

(Simeon Udoh) #8

Hello App, It’s no problem. I’d wait coz I’m the one in need here. By the way can you explain how to remove the demo content?

(App Shah) #9

Hi @Simeon4real - Greetings. Could you please try CSS tricks mentioned on new post:

Let me know for any more question.

Regarding your header question, could you create new topic under WordPress category:

I’ll look at that earliest. Thanks.

(Simeon Udoh) #10

Thanks very much for taking out time to write a tutorial for me. I’m very much grateful. I’ve created a Topic about the header issue here >>> Customize The Header in Genesis Daily Dish Pro Child Theme

(App Shah) #11

Thanks. Looking at your query now.

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