MailChimp Alternative?


(App Shah) #1

Hi Crunchify Readers -

I’m thinking of using MailChimp for email campaign. Any better recommendation?

(marketingnetwork91) #2

Aweber. Infusion soft.

But i have found Aweber to be better.

(App Shah) #3

Let me try Aweber. thanks for tips.

(Ankur Jain) #4

There are several:

Sendy - Self hosted. You would need Amazon SES as an SMTP provider at the back-end. Very low cost option.

Aweber, Mailchimp - SAAS. Pure newsletters. Go with Aweber if you are into aff marketing. In general, Mailchimp scoff at aff marketers.

Infusionsoft, Ontraport - They provide newsletter services and much more. If you want to integrate marketing automation , these are the services you should go for.

(App Shah) #5

Interesting. Never heard of Sendy before. I prefer hosting services by myself just to get some technology exposure and curiosity. I’ll give it a try within a week I guess.

Thanks for details on other services. I’ll check Aweber too.

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