Multi lingual blog/website without language plugin

I don’t like how plugins like Polylang make my website entirely reliant on them, and if encounter issues, how they will break my whole website. I want to build a bilingual blog and was exploring simple solutions that doesn’t kill my SEO, and are easy to maintain.

My first idea was to post content in both language on every page by alternating a paragraph in language 1 with the corresponding paragraph in language 2, and distinguishing the two languages with css targeting lang.

The second idea was to simply create a duplicate post manually, but this doesn’t seem doable as the same post would be duplicated in each language on the homepage. If there is a way to work around this problem I may prefer this solution, as it seems more SEO friendly. With the first solution (bilingual pages), I can’t translate the title and the slug.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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