Should I remove HTTP sites from Google Search Console?


(App Shah) #1

We moved over to HTTPS last week. Here is detailed post on it:

Now questions I have is should I remove HTTP sites from Google Search Console after moving to HTTPS?

HTTP Search query dropped as we moved to HTTPS

(anon66258068) #2

I would remove it after few weeks.

(NICHOLAS MCDONOUGH: Digital Marketing & SEO Strategist) #3

Did you update the sitemap and request to have the site recrawled?

update sitemap in robots.txt.

detailed what you have done.

(App Shah) #4

Yeah. Below steps I’ve performed:

  1. Added new domain to Google Search Console
  2. Added new sitemap
  3. Updated robots.txt file with new sitemap

(NICHOLAS MCDONOUGH: Digital Marketing & SEO Strategist) #5

Traffic loss should not exceed 3% if done correctly. Some loss will result while Google re-evaluates the new pages. Generally requires an audit to track down the cause if there is a significant loss.

(NICHOLAS MCDONOUGH: Digital Marketing & SEO Strategist) #6

You’ve definitely missed something. No question about it.

(App Shah) #7

@Callmenicholi - right now everything is good.

I guess, you misunderstood questions :slight_smile:

  1. I moved over to HTTPS
  2. Added HTTPS to search console
  3. Modified sitemap file
  4. It took 3 weeks to completely reindex https side
  5. Above diagram is for HTTP site… and I saw spike also at the same time HTTPS :slight_smile:

Now all is good.

But last week, I temporary moved to http as I’m debugging one performance issue. But all good now.

(NICHOLAS MCDONOUGH: Digital Marketing & SEO Strategist) #8

Posting that image caused confusion.

Clicks is one of many things to review.

Regardless, there is more to it than you’ve listed. So I stand by my statement.

You can remove http provided you’re confident you’ve done everything.

(App Shah) #9

Sure. Thanks for all suggestions and tips. Happy blogging.

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