Should I use fontawesome?

(anon66258068) #1

On my Blog I would like to use FontAwesome. What are the advantage and disadvantage of using it?

Can anybody help share their thoughts?

(App Shah) #2

Hi Patrick - after your query here, I thought of using FontAwesome on Crunchify.

Today I spent almost couple of hours on how to best add it to your WordPress site and it worked perfectly fine on Crunchify.

I’ll publish a detailed article within couple of days with all detailed steps. Please stay tuned.

(App Shah) #3

Hi Patrick - try tutorial on FontAwesome which I just published today:

Hope that helps.

(marketingnetwork91) #4

Fontawesome icons are amazing. However, if u r earning through adsense or advertising, then i will not recommnd the same as it does tend to slow down site just a bit. However, in an affiliate driven site, it looks beautiful, which is what an affiliate site wants. So i always use fontawesome for affiliate sites.

(App Shah) #5

In my case font-awesome fonts are loading in 41ms and that’s awesome speed.

I believe, if you are running site with CDN, there is no harm using it. Also, it’s much faster than downloading each social media follow icons (.png) or even image-sprite.

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