What CMS Platform Are You Using and Why?


(NICHOLAS MCDONOUGH: Digital Marketing & SEO Strategist) #1

There are many CMS platforms out there. Wordpress is certainly the most known but hardly the best (HTML bloat).

Q. What CMS are you currently using or considering for SEO?

(App Shah) #2

Let me start first :slight_smile:

So far I only have experience with WordPress. It’s been 10 years and I believe, it’s best blogging and CMS platform around us.

Are you considering, Drupal, Medium or other platform?

(OSSMedia Ltd) #3


I am also using WordPress. WordPress uses a themed approach to design and layout. You would either
purchase a pre-designed theme or have one custom designed to your unique
branding. WordPress has proven to be capable of providing diverse design throughout the website.

(NICHOLAS MCDONOUGH: Digital Marketing & SEO Strategist) #4

Many design agencies love Craft CMS as it does not work on theme.

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