What is more important - On page SEO or Off page SEO?


(marketingnetwork91) #1

What do you think is more important? On page SEO or Off page SEO?

(App Shah) #2

To be honest, I prefer on page SEO more as we are in control of content :slight_smile:

If an article is useful to user then definitely they will come back, will spend more time, search for your articles and Google may show those articles higher in SERP.

If content helps others then definitely it will help blogger too. That’s the only thing I keep in mind while posting.

(Caruano70) #3

On and off page optimization both have totally different outlook. But I think we will have to hire facebook ads Los Angeles only for our website gratification. Content loading with various articles and increased traffic on the same will help us a lot. Attracting the audience with high rated comments on the same can also be a great measure.

(Trip Tools) #4

both are imp one is the soul of site and other is the body of any website .

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