Yoast SEO Sitemap and PHP 7.0 and 7.1 error?


(App Shah) #1

Yesterday, while creating Crunchify Premium site, I upgraded my PHP version to 7.1. Immediately after that, it seems my Yoast Sitemap.xml file was broken.

Any tips on fixing this?

(NICHOLAS MCDONOUGH: Digital Marketing & SEO Strategist) #2

There’s not info. Are you using any caching plugins? Yoast is running 4.6

(App Shah) #3

Yeah. There isn’t any error at all. I temporarily moved back to PHP version 5.6 to avoid this error for sitemap.

I’m using WP SuperCache on https://crunchify.com.

Tried cleaning all cache and data but no luck :frowning:

Will keep trying and update if I have any success.

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